About Us


  Sight is one of our most important senses as it enables us to read, learn, work and enjoy life. So when this sense is hindered, it could mean major life challenges, making it more difficult to navigate through life. 
  Our aim at recoolglass has always been to improve your life by improving your sight. We believe Clear Sight will lead to Better Life & Cool Glasses will lead to Cool Life.



. You may be reluctant to purchase eyeglasses online ( without being able to try them on in person);
. You may be worried that the glasses are not most comfortable, may not bring good vision, may not meet functional requirements;
. You may be hesitating when u couldn't or not willing to afford $300-$500 for a pair of brand new prescription glasses in physical stores, especially u know we'd better change lens twice 1 year.

  We totally understand selecting the perfect pair of glasses is a delicate balance of fit, style, function & budget. We’re always here every step of the way to make sure you have all the information & you get exactly what you want.





  Just like our eyes, every combination of frames and lenses is unique as well. That’s why we tailor our design process, from materials to styles, and even lens options, to ensure that we always have something just for you.

No matter you are searching for chic frames, prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses for women or men, we all got them for you.

  Driven by a passion quality prescription eyewear should be easily accessible, and more importantly affordable, to everyone. We'll always insist our goal to bring beautiful, functional affordable design to life.